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domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011


I've been out for a while but I'm coming back (and I hope it's to stay).

Today I'm just going to post some stuff I would loooove to have on my closet (but sadly I don't know where to get those things) or items related to fashion

First of all this amazing blue bag

And this panda bag is just adorable, and the perfect size
I would love to have that overall (specially if it came with those tiny little legs and the cute adorable asian face and hair)

And if I had the guts, and the ocasion, I would LOVE to wear something like this, but the ribbon in blue

And now too, my dream shoes, if I were'nt that tall maybe I could wear them without feeling like a giant elephant. They're so so so perfect

I'm going to buy nail polish to make these

And someday I'll wear a wonderful mask like this one, at a party with a nice dress and shoes.
It is so Juliette-ish

So, I hope you liked this sneak-peak of what I like.
Seeya soon.

1 comentario:

  1. Good lord,I need everything in this post!

    Ahhh, asian girls are really cute ;A;

    Gracias por pasarte!:D te sigo!